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I took piano lessons as a child and it was not a good experience. I really want to learn but I am a little scared.

Most people are somewhat apprehensive when learning something new especially when it was not a positive experience before. As a piano teacher I have dealt with students in this very same situation. So far each of these students has had a good experience at my studio and has been able to meet their piano goals or are in the process of meeting their goals.

I will be trying out for my choir at school. Can you help me with my sightreading skills as it is the hardest part of the audition for me?

Yes. I can. I have tutored many students in this skill with amazing results.

What if I want to learn to play by ear?

I tailor lessons for each particular student based on their needs and goals. Some students prefer playing for enjoyment, some students want to play at their church and others may already play but need to sharpen their theory skills or sightreading skills.

What type of experience do you have and how are you going to help my child to be successful?

Many voice teachers pull from the skills and knowledge they learned in college. I utilize my experience and training from college, grad school, vocal training and acting in New York City, Germany and Houston. Simply put, I employ all of my training and expertise from years of theater production, I teach based on what the student desires to accomplish musically. Many times I am able to help them verbalize their goals.